Allure TestOps

Next-gen Software Quality Management Platform brings together automated and manual testing. Level up your product quality control and boost your QA and development team productivity by setting your TestOps.

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Live documentation

Allow Allure TestOps to update your test documentation based on test run results tracking and analysis and get no more excuses for outdated test cases. Effortlessly.

A central hub for all your tests

Allure TestOps links both Manual and Automated testing empowering your team’s productivity. Reinforce and speed up your CI/CD pipeline and get instant insights into your test coverage.

Metrics and KPIs

Review your product’s status, create targets, and follow the process using Allure TestOps Analytics. Create your own set of KPIs using an Allure Query Language and keep track of your project’s progress at a glance.

Easily build your own TestOps

Allure TestOps integrates seamlessly with existing tools your team already uses


Why choose us

Build confidence in your product quality by leveraging unprecedented Allure's scalability and flexibility


Make sure with enterprise-level security backed by role-based access, SSO, API tokens, audit logs


Real-time insights and complete visibility through powerful reporting and dashboards


Aggregate multiple test runs into a single report covering every component you need for the release


Use rich REST API together with Allure QueryLanguage to access your data


Allure scales with your needs. Execute tests smoothly whether you have 1,000 test cases or 1,000,000


Native integrations with Test Automation, CI/CD, or Issue Tracking frameworks your team uses


Scalable solution to fit any team

Choose Allure TestOps Cloud installation to host in our infrastructure or Server to locate it in-house

CloudHosted on our infrastructure

Per user or  fewer

  • Secure AWS hosting

  • 60 GB storage included

  • Monthly or annual billing

  • From 1 user

ServerHosted in-house

Per user or  fewer

  • Full control over your instance

  • Private services integration

  • Quarterly or annual billing

  • From 5 users