30 March 2021

Allure Framework moves to GitHub!

by Ruslan Akhmetzianov

Good news, everyone! If you track recent news, you already know that JFrog Bintray will be sunset in May. For Qameta Software it means it’s time to switch from a good old tool. Still, we do love and respect JFrog, so we are not moving far — the Allure products will be hosted on GitHub releases and Artifactory.

What else happened?

There is one more reason to consider moving Allure Framework. As it has been becoming more and more popular we have reached the 3 TB Bintray traffic limit in March 2021. Unfortunately, this caused the short-term unavailability of the Allure framework. Kudos to the JFrog support team, the incident has been quickly and positively resolved! Allure is available on Bintray by now. However…

What to do now?

Due to the Bintray sunsetting, the repository will become read-only, and we won’t be able to provide any updates or fixes to the current versions.

Of course, one of our main goals, as open-source maintainers, is to provide 24/7 availability for our software and products. That is why we are migrating to GitHub and Maven Central.

To get the latest versions of Allure Framework, ensure you have added new repositories addresses:

Maven Central (currently mirrored in Bintray, next release will not be mirrored)

  1. allure2
  2. allure-java

Bintray based repositories, the next release will be moved to Maven Central (you will not find them in Bintray anymore):

  1. allure-kotlin
  2. allure-ee-java

Also, allure-ee-java moved to allure-java, and you may delete it from your project if you use junit5 or testng. For that, please, update to allure-java 2.13.9.

UPD. 30 April 2021

Bintray sunsetting is almost here. To keep Allure TestOps up and running, we have finished the migration of our tools and libraries to Maven Central and GitHub. It’s time to update dependencies:

We highly recommend updating all the dependencies to keep your production up when Bintray becomes unavailable. 

P.S. farewell to Bintray. You did a great job!

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