26 March 2021

Allure TestOps Release Notes Review: 2021-04-2

by Qameta Software team

Good news, everyone! Here comes an overview of the two latest Allure TestOps releases. We focused on improvements and bug fixes, so both releases do not bring any features. Let’s take a look at what’s new! Read the review and jump to the latest release. How? Easy!

23 April 2021 — 3.172.0

🔬 Improvements

  • Step description length increased. Step description length has been limited by 250 characters. From now on, the limit has been lifted. Users will have more freedom to put full names and path variables in steps.
  • Added missing indexes. Allure TestOps often works with large volumes of data, so we are constantly working on performance Improvement. Adding some indexes is a necessary step to high-performing software.
  • Defect search improved. Searching for a defect by a linked issue ID added. Also, new default sorting shows open defects first.
  • Added branded layout in the authorization form. Check it out!

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attachment name encoding. Sometimes adding attachments with symbols caused mojibake. For example, the symbol " turned into %[email protected]. The problem is fixed, and now users have the freedom to name attachments!
  • Fixed select scrolling in modal windows. Quite a rare issue so you hardly faced it. But we’ve reproduced and fixed it.
  • Fixed link text selection. Text selection in links now works as it should.

18 April 2021 — 3.171.0

🔬 Improvements

  • Added Jira Cloud webhook support. Now Allure TestOps can receive notifications about ticket updates from JIRA.
  • External test results. The experimental feature which allows keeping manual tests as code.
  • More missing indexes added. Yes, that’s the second release in a row, in which we are working with indexes to gain performance improvement.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed button jumping modal windows. Issues in layout caused button jumping. That, of course, was wrong. Take a look at the scrollbar on the screenshot. It’s it to blame! You’ll never see it again.


  • Fixed test case rename text selection in a tree. Some users might have experienced Drag&Drop interference to text editing in the test-case tree. It was an annoying bug, so we fixed it.

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