20 May 2021

Allure TestOps Release Notes Review: 2021-06-1

by Qameta Software team

Good news, everyone! This is a large review as we deployed two feature-rich releases since the previous one. There are also lots of improvements and some bug fixes, so please, stay tuned and be sure to jump to version 3.175.0!

11 June 2021 – Allure TestOps 3.175.0

🚀 New Features

  • Added test cases synchronization. A new API handle allows cloning an existing test case to another existing test case.

🔬 Improvements

  • Navigation improvement. Added access to any active element in Allure TestOps UI by pressing Tab. No need to use a Trackpad or mouse, neat!
  • Focused element rendering improved. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Focused element rendering

  • Pagination for Top test cases widget added.
  • Test cases CSV import/export refactoring added. Why not make test cases better while you migrate them to Allure TestOps?
  • Test cases tree check-box UX improved. The responding area is larger now, and you don’t need a cybersport aim to check/uncheck a test case. 🙂
  • Defect linking suggestions improved. Open defects will appear on top of the suggested defects list. Also, defects in the suggested list will be ordered by the creation date — i.e., recent Defects will be on the top of the list.
  • Defect section UX improved:
    • Launches. Now, the most recent launch will be on top of the list.
    • Test Cases. Now, the test cases are ordered alphabetically based on their names.
    • Test Results. Now, the most recent test result will be on top of the list.

Defects improvements

  • Support of empty steps in a test case scenario added.
  • Dedicated ‘Import test cases’ button added.


Import from CSV

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Test case type rendering (manual/automated) in Jira issue test case information block fixed. Due to the bug, all test cases were displayed as manual. Now, each type is rendered correctly.
  • Several CSV import bugs have been fixed:
    • Content type detection for CSV files on Windows. Now, content type for CSV files is detected as text/csv instead of application/vnd.ms-excel.
    • CSV import preview. Now, content from a source CSV file is available for any specified row number.
    • Steps parsing in CSV files while importing test cases from third-party TMSs.
  • Drag&drop for test cases in the test cases tree fixed.
  • The latest Defect emerges detection for Launches is fixed. Due to the bug, Last Found has been showing the first emerge of a Defect instead of the latest one.
  • RQL in filters fixed.
  • The deletion of parameters in a test case is fixed. Now, the test case parameters are deleted completely.
  • Test case layout is fixed. Before that, long tags broke it. Now they don’t.
  • We’ve fixed a weird issue. It made the test case scenario step keyword (the [square brackets] thing) disappear until the user pressed Submit.

25 May 2021 – Allure TestOps 3.174.0

🔬 Improvements

  • Test plan filter by name added.
  • Pie chart diagram real-time update on the Overview tab for an ongoing launch added. Now it shows the actual results based on the received test results.

Pie Chart Improvement

  • Filtering rules improvement. Now, filtering of test cases Type and Launches CI is done via radio buttons instead of check-boxes.


  • Added the conditional auto-assignment of a test in a launch to the current user. The test will be automatically assigned to the current user if:
    • “mark as passed” or “marked as passed” clicked;
    • “pass previous” clicked;
    • “resolve step” clicked;
    • an attachment added.
    • That’s how it looks

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Max limit for the automatic closure of launches fixed. Now it is really limited by 365 days.
  • A white screen error caused by incorrect processing of an empty step fixed. Now the step without any text is rendered correctly.

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