20 March 2021

Hello, world!

by Ruslan Akhmetzianov

Good news, everyone! We are very happy to introduce the Qameta Software tech blog to you. In time, you’ll find a variety of posts here:

Best practices and nice-to-have patterns for your testing

We’ll show you some time-tested approaches, new tools, and innovative patterns for you to implement.

We’ll also cover automated testing, integrations, test-runs deployment and maintenance, reports handling, and building a transparent and performant testing infrastructure.

Allure TestOps tutorials and features overview

Yeah, Allure TestOps is an extremely capable piece of software, and sometimes it’s quite handy to have some step-by-step guides for tests and documentation generation, integrations with various frameworks, and CI pipelines.

Please feel free to ask us for any specific guides or how-to-dos.

Major Release Notes

We will gather all the features, updates, and bugfixes ready to face the world every two weeks.

Each post of this type will contain some useful tips and best practices on how to boost your productivity with the new Allure TestOps features.

Learn more about Allure tools

Learn more about Allure Framework, our open-source testing reporting tool, or Allure TestOps, the all-in-one quality management platform.

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Or contact us at LinkedIn or at [email protected].

And while you are thinking about subscribing to us, take a look at the brand new Allure TestOps overview video, which we are proud of!