3 June 2021

Meet Allure GitHub Discussions

by Ruslan Akhmetzianov

Good news, everyone! Today we are happy to announce a brand new official Qameta Software community for Allure Framework and TestOps: GitHub Discussions! We’ve been running some messenger-based communities like Gitter and Telegram chats. In time, we understood that the chat form is awesome for quick or abstract discussions, not for long-term community support.

Why not stay in messengers?

Unfortunately, messenger chats lack some basic features. The truth is we are not always there with the beloved OSS community. So from time to time, our users’ questions, good ones, used to get lost in other messages. Sometimes, good solutions are drowned in a flood of other topics. Sometimes, registering to another messenger is not something people want.

That said, we decided to create an all-in-one place that would meet several requirements:

  • Consistency. Knowledge should be preserved, nurtured, and beloved. Thus we were looking for a place where questions, answers, tips, and advice never get lost.
  • No entry threshold. Knowledge should be shared and never be locked up. No restrictions, registration, or additional steps to get answers. So we needed a place where most developers, testers, and ops have an account.
  • Structure. Having a widespread net of different chats is inconvenient for everyone, while the one-to-rule-them-all chat eventually gets overloaded with concurrent dialogs. That’s why we were expecting an opportunity to create sections and threads for different discussions.
  • Global. Allure Framework is used all over the world – from the US to China. So we were looking for a place comfortable for everyone.

In the end, GitHub discussions faced all the criteria, so we’ve decided to give it a shot.


How Qameta will run the community

We have decided to set several simple rules for everyone who wants to join the community:

  • Be wholesome: stay positive and respectful to other folks. Don’t require — ask.
  • Don’t rush: we will try to check this spot as often as possible. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with tasks so we may stay silent for 3-5 days. Sorry about that!
  • Be patient: Allure community and Qameta Software support are always here. Try to avoid creating duplicate discussions if you don’t get a quick answer. If you know the answer or a link to a discussion where the problem has been solved, provide it to a fellow in need.
  • English first: we are going to respond to anyone in need but posts and threads in English will have first priority. If you create a thread in any other language, we will translate the question/proposition and answer in English. Let’s make our discussions accessible for everyone!

Structure of the forum

To make the community more transparent and easy to navigate, we introduce 5 sections for topics:

💬 General

General discussion related to Allure Framework. Search for the answers to your questions, share and get knowledge about best practices, tips, and tricks.

💡 Ideas

Let us know how we could improve Allure Framework – all your feature requests, life hacks, and quick wins go here.

🙏 Q&A

How-tos live here: installation, settings, integrations, and tuning of your reports. Please, try to be specific with questions and concise with the answers. Provide details, error messages, screenshots, or logs if something went wrong – help people to help you.

🐞 Issues

For issues, bugs, and compatibility issues you’ve faced. Our team or community ambassadors will be happy to help with anything that goes wrong or act unexpectedly.

💚 Allure TestOps

This section is a dedicated thread for Allure TestOps, an all-in-one Quality Management Platform built over the Allure Report by the Qameta Software team. Read more: https://qameta.io.

Feel free to drop any Allure TestOps General, Ideas, and Q&A topics here. If you need to file a bug or need support, please, contact us at http://support.qameta.io

Learn more about Allure tools

Learn more about Allure Framework, our open-source testing reporting tool, or Allure TestOps, the all-in-one quality management platform.

Feel free to join the Allure Framework Discussions or the Telegram community (for Russian-speaking folks), follow our Twitter feed, it is a wholesome place to get help and stay up to date with news.