Allure 2 Beta 4 release

It is my pleasure to announce that the Allure 2 beta release 4 is available now.

Release contains several bug fixes (including command line for Darwin), some major changes (statuses), and visual improvements.

First of all, we got rid of pending status. A reason for that was that we realized it’s usually hard to determine what is the difference between cancelled and pending statuses, so we decided to use skipped instead of both. Also Allure now has support of unknown status - this status means that something went wrong, and Allure can’t determine real test’s status. Though to be honest, you should never expect to see it in your report (at least in a perfect world).

Furthermore, this release introduces flaky tests. As for now, adapters don’t support this feature yet, the only way to use it, marking a test case as flaky, is to add to test case a label status_details with a value flaky.

Flaky tests

Also time information is now shown for test groups (you can switch this off by clicking on the information icon)

Test groups info

And finally, the ability to copy full name of test case to clipboard is back (flash free!)

Copy to clipboard

That is pretty much it. The full list of changes you can find in related milestone or commits list.

Allure Team

Dmitry Baev Dmitry Baev

Software Developer, creator of Allure Framework

Saint-Petersburg, Russia