Allure 2 Beta 6 release

It is my pleasure to announce that the Allure 2 beta release 6 is available now. This release contains some cool improvements, such as: Categories We replaced old Defects tab with a new one, called Categories. By default, all test errors are split on two categories Unknown Failures and Unknown Errors. The first category contains all failed tests, and the second one contains all tests with broken status. To add more categories you can create a file called categories. »

Allure 2 Beta 5 release

Beta 5 is available to download. Release contains minor visual changes, such as icons for statuses in tree. Also Allure now supports nested suites for TestNG. This will work with new Allure TestNG integration, available here. It is already available in jcenter, so give it a try! And finally, Allure now shows method names instead of titles in packages tab. For a full list of changes you can watch out list of commits or milestone. »

Allure 2 Beta 4 release

It is my pleasure to announce that the Allure 2 beta release 4 is available now. Release contains several bug fixes (including command line for Darwin), some major changes (statuses), and visual improvements. First of all, we got rid of pending status. A reason for that was that we realized it’s usually hard to determine what is the difference between cancelled and pending statuses, so we decided to use skipped instead of both. »