allure enterprise

allure enterprise

The Modern Quality Platform that combines Test Management System with Reporting and Analytics engine. Allure Enterprise will help you to bring your product quality to the next level.

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Quality Platform solution that can be adapted to your processes to help you deliver great products. Run test cases and view results, create test plans, and customize Allure Enterprise for your business processes. Build test summary reports and share them with your team. Manage your test documentation and follow your product quality metrics.


Home for all your tests

Allure EE supports both Manual and Automated testing. Unified test documentation allows you to manage and review all your product tests from a single view.

Live documentation

Allure EE keeps your test documentation updated based on test runs. With up-to-date test documentation, you can spend more time building awesome products.

Metrics and analytics

Review your products status, create goals, and follow the testing process using Allure EE metrics. Use pre-built widgets to start and create your own using Allure Query language. Export results to Grafana to have full control of your test results data.

More on Allure Enterprise

Real-time reports

View your test results in real-time


Aggregate multiply test runs into a single report


Many integrations allow you to use any test framework to write your tests

Rich API

Use REST API, GraphQL, Allure Query Language and RabbitMQ exchanges to access stored data


Role-based access, SSO, API tokens, audit logs etc.


Microservice architecture and horizontal scaling allows you to configure Allure EE to process and store huge amount of test results

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