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Bank of Canada

Case studies

The companies you know and love share their experience with Allure TestOps

  • Miro
    Software Development

    Miro shows what TestOps is truly capable of, with fully automated quality gates for every pull request, and testing fully integrated into development.

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  • AdTech
    Marketing & Advertisement

    From TestRail to Allure TestOps, AdTech Holding have transitioned to a fully automated, transparent, and controllable CI/CD pipeline, based on smooth integrations with Jira and other testing tools.

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  • Wrike
    Software Development

    With Allure TestOps, Wrike has automated testing on a massive scale, cut test execution time and tailored the system to their needs.

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  • Mayflower
    Fun-tech & Web Services

    Mayflower revamped their entire testing infrastructure using the integrations, visibility and quick data access provided by Allure TestOps.

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