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CI/CD Automated Testing and Test Visibility

Seamlessly integrate with your existing quality and DevOps ecosystem through a wide range of pre-built two-way integrations with leading CI/CD tools, ensuring a perfect alignment with your specific architecture

CI/CD integrations

Seamless connect with your CI/CD workflow

Discover the benefits of Allure Testops CI integrations for seamless automation and efficient testing workflows

Run and rerun on demand

Initiate and re-execute tests whenever you need to get control over the timing and frequency - no need to wait for the next scheduled test cycle to verify a specific aspect of the application

Target only jobs you need

Select and focus on specific jobs or tasks within a larger project or pipeline to streamline the workflow through the running or monitoring only the jobs that are relevant to current objectives

Trace tests end-to-end

Get a detailed view of the test or test suite lifecycle, including any changes in test execution history and associated data, to identify potential bottlenecks and gain insights into the testing process

Get real-time results

Get instant feedback on the status of your tests and test runs as they happen or continuously monitor the execution of test cases and test suites using real-time monitoring and reporting.

Identify failures effortlessly

Pinpoint and investigate test failures immediately after test runs, including examining the error messages, logs, and associated data to trace the root causes of failures quickly

Parallel execution

Launch multiple tests or test suites simultaneously across various environments to address time constraints by distributing tests across available resources and to increase efficiency


CI/CD platforms

Discover how Allure Testops seamlessly connects with prominent CI/CD platforms, offering a comprehensive suite of automation features to elevate your delivery

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