Allure 2 Beta 6 release

It is my pleasure to announce that the Allure 2 beta release 6 is available now. This release contains some cool improvements, such as:


We replaced old Defects tab with a new one, called Categories. By default, all test errors are split on two categories Unknown Failures and Unknown Errors. The first category contains all failed tests, and the second one contains all tests with broken status.


To add more categories you can create a file called categories.json, and specify all the categories you want to split your tests into.

    "name": "Ignored tests",
    "messageRegex": ".*ignored.*",
    "matchedStatuses": [ "skipped" ]
    "name": "Infrastructure problems",
    "traceRegex": ".*RuntimeException.*",
    "matchedStatuses": [ "broken", "failed" ]
    "name": "Outdated tests",
    "messageRegex": ".*FileNotFound.*",
    "matchedStatuses": [

Then you’ll need to place this file into the folder with tests results and generate the report.

Test owner

Now you can mark your tests with owner label. That will help you to find the person who is responsible for that failed test.

Test owner

Improved Timeline

As you may know Timeline was pretty much unusable for a huge amount of tests. In the latest releases we added a brush that can help you solve that problem, and know we are introducing a duration filter for it:

Test owner

Improved test execution

Allure now shows statuses for parent steps, step durations and for a count of attachments and sub-steps. Step parameters are now displayed in table inside step.

Test execution

That is pretty much it! For a full list of changes you can explore our list of commits or milestone.

Regards, Allure Team

Dmitry Baev Dmitry Baev

Software Developer, creator of Allure Framework

Saint-Petersburg, Russia