Allure TestOps Release Notes Review: 2021-04-1

Good news, everyone! It’s been two weeks since the latest Release notes post. That means it’s time for one more Allure TestOps Release Notes review. We are ready to introduce a couple of neat features and a bunch of bug fixes. Read the review and jump to the latest release. How? Easy!

8 April 2021 — 3.170.0

🚀 New Features

  • Added CI launch filter. Now it’s possible to filter CI launches by jobs presence criteria. The feature is handy for users with a large number of automated launches, as it makes finding manual launches easier.
  • Added Launches widget. A new shiny widget that shows all the recent launches with results. Just look at that:

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Launch progress bar. The /project/launches page real-time statistics update on graph requested page refresh. The issue was introduced in 3.164.0 and is now fixed.
  • Fixed a Tree deletion error. Fixed the error that occurred after deleting a tree from a project caused by storing a nonexistent ID in local storage. Now the user will be directed to a default tree.

7 April 2021 — 3.169.6

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Assign button. Clicking the Assign button in manual tests didn’t assign the test, actually. The issue was introduced in 3.166.0 and now is fixed.
  • Fixed Test plan edit. Adding new tests to a test plan now works. The feature has been broken since 3.166.0 and now is fixed.
  • Fixed JIRA issue links for Test Cases. Issue Summary information was not displayed Issue linking in Test Case. Now it works properly.
  • Various dependencies updates.

1 April 2021 — Allure TestOps 3.169.5

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Retries were a bit broken. We hope you did not notice that. A test retry references the original test run, i.e. attempt N+1 refers to the attempt N. Some retries were referencing themselves instead of referencing previous attempts. They don’t do that anymore.

28 Mar 2021 —Allure TestOps 3.169.4

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sending hidden test results to other TMSs. Due to a small bug, Allure TestOps was sending retries statuses to the external TMS systems. Now Allure TestOps exports the most recent status for a test to external TMSs.

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