Licensing and Technical Support Policy

Licensing Policy

  1. Licensed software (LSW) is a single product and is subject to licensing by a single license.
  2. The cost of LSW license depends on the number of users only. No other parameters such as number of operations, transactions, etc., affect the license cost.
  3. The number of users needing full access, and the number of users having access for viewing the operations are determined for the LSW. The number of users having access for viewing is not limited and does not affect the LSW cost.
  4. The minimum LSW cost is determined for 5 users having full access. The Company reserves the right to calculate the minimum LSW cost based on another number of users. Therewith the calculation is made based on the number of parallel users (competitive licensing).

Issue of new releases and versions

  1. The company invests significant funds in the development and issue of new LSW releases and versions, undertaking the required efforts to motive the company clients for the use of new releases and versions.
  2. Official announcement of the new releases and/or versions shall be made through sending out information letters to clients and posting the respective information on the company’s website.
  3. After the official announcement the sale of licenses for the previous releases and versions is ceased.
  4. The new releases and fix packs are issued through the website, from which the client has downloaded the LSW.
  5. The company keeps track of the changes in the versions of third-party software, with which the LSW may integrate. However, the changes in the third-party software are not the company’s obligation as regards the change of the LSW.

LSW Customization

  1. The LSW is customized to meet the requirements of a certain client.
  2. The LSW customization implies:
    • Development of objects replacing the LSW stock objects
    • Development of objects supplementing the LSW stock objects
  3. The LSW may be customized by the company employees only on a fee basis.
  4. The respective enhancements are included into the future release as stock objects.

Warranty maintenance. Technical support

  1. The company assumes the warranty obligation to recover the LSW fatal errors. There are no other warranty obligations, except for error recovery within the scope of warranty maintenance.
  2. The warranty period shall be calculated for the LSW in general and includes the entire period of use of the licensing rights.
  3. Within the scope of the LSW technical support the company shall render the following services to its clients:
    • Recovery of LWS fatal errors
    • Free of charge provision of new LWS versions and releases within the limits of the earlier acquired LSW
    • Provision of website access codes
    • Preparation and placement on the website of LSW updates, which ensure error recovery
    • Preparation and placement of the LSW new versions and releases on the website
    • Access to the LSW updates, which are placed on the website
    • Access to the website section Questions/Answers
  4. The new LSW versions/releases are delivered within the scope of technical support at no extra charge. Therewith the services for installation and replacement of versions/ releases are not included into the technical support obligations.
  5. The technical support implies that the clients update the LWS versions/releases as soon as they are released by downloading them individually through the link
  6. Should the client fail to install a new release, in case of any occurred error the client is obliged to update the LSW up the latest release. Otherwise, the errors in the current release of the client shall be recovered for a fee provided that such error is recovered in the new release.

Model License Agreement

  1. Hereby the Licensor grants to the Licensee the non-exclusive right of use of the Licensed Software specified in the License, and the documentation related to the software, with retaining the Licensor’s right to use the Licensed Software without any restrictions.
  2. The licensing rights of the Licensee shall be valid within the territory of the Licensee’s Country for the head office of the Licensee, as well as for all its branches and divisions during the entire Term of the provided licensing rights.
  3. The licensing rights of the Licensee shall apply to the amendments made to the Licensed Software, if such amendments are made by the Licensor.
  4. The end user may make copies of the Licensed Software and documentation exclusively for backup purposes.
  5. The Licensee may not either individually or with engagement of third parties make reverse engineering of the Licensed Software, except for the cases when the Licensor’ consent is obtained.
  6. The Licensee’s right of use of the Licensed Software arising out of this License Agreement may not be granted, licensed or otherwise transferred without the prior written consent of the Licensor.
  7. The Licensee shall be granted the right of use of the Licensed Software without limiting the number of clients or the number of transactions. The total number of LSW users may not exceed the number of users specified in the License.
  8. The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the LSW may contain a function, which transmits the usage statistics, diagnostic information and LSW usage metainformation to the Licensor. The Licensee may opt out of gathering of usage statistics by deactivating that function in the LSW settings.
  9. Either Party the latest 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the expiration date of the licensing rights Term may apply to the other Party with the proposal to extend the licensing rights Term for the same period, provided that the royalty amount will not be reduced in comparison with the conditions of the then current Contract. In case of acceptance by the second Party, the licensing rights Term shall be deemed as properly extended, and the respective changes shall be made in the Contract.