Allure TestOps Release Notes Review: 2021-10

Good news, everyone! A week ago we have deployed one more massive release. Today, it’s time to take a look at what’s new in Allure TestOps 3.182.0. Lots of UI/UX and integrations enhancements, new API, and a bunch of bug fixes. Ready, steady, go!


New releases are not compatible with Postgres 9. If you use Postgres 9 in your infrastructure, please upgrade to Postgres 12 (or newer) first.

If you are going to upgrade from a release older than 3.177.2, please apply the migration procedure for 3.177.2. The migration procedure is described here.

22 September 2021 – Allure TestOps 3.182.0

🚀 New Features

  • New API added.  API lets requesting job status and cancelling a job on the CI side. In next releases Allure TestOps will be able to request job status on CI side and stop the jobs’ execution.
  • Support for hidden and masked parameters added . Stay tuned! You’ll be able to use it once test frameworks integrations get updated.
  • Added support of launch export and creation of issue for the integration with TargetProcess.

🔬 Improvements

  • System notifications for users enhanced.
  • Launches environment filter performance boosted.
  • The lists  pagination redesigned.
  • All projects page filtering of the projects enhanced.
  • Icons and buttons in Allure TestOps UI updated.
  • Design of the side menu updated.
  • Auto expand for a selected group in the tree of errors added .

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed the relations for tests cloning. Relation linked to the source and target tests was incorrect. Now it’s back to the normal.
  • We’ve fixed wrong behaviour of the menu items while accessing them from keyboard. It wasn’t possible to enter a menu’s list of items and select an item from keyboard. Now it is working.
  • We’ve fixed integration paths for TeamCity to avoid breaking the integration for some types of TeamCity CI deployment.
  • We’ve fixed the link for retries of a test.

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