Choosing E2E Testing Framework in 2022

If you’re looking for the best end-to-end testing testing automation tool in 2022, you’ve probably narrowed your search to a few options, and there’s a good chance your choices are Playwright Vs Cypress Vs Selenium. Let’s take a quick look at each one, so you can make an informed decision.

testing automation tool : Selenium, Cypress, Playwright


Playwright is first up, and it’s a solid end-to-end testing framework option. Although it’s made by Microsoft, it’s also open source. It was also built specifically for this type of testing, and was made for developers, so you can be sure it’s got all the stuff you need, without being overly bloated or complicated. It works across Firefox, Webkit and Chrome too, so you can use it on any of the most popular browsers.


Selenium is another end-to-end testing tool that is open source, and this one has been around for a long time – since about 2004, in fact! So over the years, there have been many adaptations and additions to the platform, allowing you to get the most accurate results possible. It works on most of the popular browsers and uses APIs to access and run commands.


Cypress is also an open source testing framework. But it’s designed to allow you to run scripts inside the framework and understand everything that happens inside and outside of the script. This makes it very versatile for testing, and ensures you get more accurate results.

Contrary to the tools mentioned above, Cypress is not a general-purpose browser automation tool, but rather focuses on automating end-to-end browser tests. This narrower scope enables it to excel in areas of the automated testing domain where other, more general-purpose tools have historically struggled.

Giovanni Rago, Checkly


And in the end, let’s compare all the tools in a good-old battlecard!

Languages SupportedJavaScript / TypeScript;
Python; Java; C#
Java; C#; Python; Ruby; PHP;
JavaScript; some others
JavaScript Only
Setup Complexity Easy to install via
CLI or VS Code
Setup requires downloading
browser-specific drivers and the test environment setup
No dependencies or additional downloads required
Element Selectors CSS, XPath, textCSS, XPath, textCSS, XPath, text
Drag & Drop Support Yes, out-of-the boxYes, custom action neededYes, custom functions needed
Parallel test execution YesYesYes (pro version)
Video recording and screenshotsYes Yes (with extensions)Yes
(based on Checkly research)
FastestAlmost as fastA little bit slower
Compatible with 3rd-party runnersYes3rd party onlyNo

As you can see, any of these end-to-end testing automation tools will work for most projects, so this really is a matter of personal preference.

Though my preference goes to the most modern and fast Playwright, the choice may vary depending on the use cases. The best advice I can give is to take them all for a test drive and see which one works best for your needs and your team. They’ll all get the job done well, so there’s really no bad choice.

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