Allure TestOps Cloud is generally available to all dev teams

Qameta Software made Allure TestOps Cloud, the Cloud-hosted DevOps-ready testing platform, generally available to all development teams. With Cloud, TestOps stays at your fingertips! 🎉

allure testops cloud

Testing has always been the bedrock of QA in development teams. Modern development cycles need testing to be fast, scalable, and flexible. For that, each development team already works with a couple of testing frameworks, CI/CD systems, issue trackers, and test management systems in production.

Allure TestOps brings full control over testing infrastructure with dozens of native integrations with the most common testing and CI/CD tools: create, execute, monitor, analyze and get insights in a single tool. With Cloud, development teams may benefit from its powers in no time.


Qameta Software specifically designed Allure TestOps Cloud to make it available for every team, be it a startup or a global enterprise. With TestOps Cloud, Allure TestOps becomes cost-efficient for smaller teams. Now, you can try it even with a single active user.


Built over the Tier 1 cloud provider’s infrastructure, Allure TestOps Cloud instances are handcrafted to be 24/7 up and running. Qameta Software support and engineering teams are working on minimizing SLA for Cloud users. They also maintain continuous anonymized monitoring around each instance to prevent any reliability accidents.


Allure TestOps has been deeply optimized for cloud usage, so you don’t have to worry about costs. With that, you get the instance paid with up to 60 GB of storage at AWS. For teams that need more, there are discounted rates and programs with extended storage provided.

Want to start using Allure TestOps Cloud today? Get started with a 14-day free trial, and check out our pricing plans.

Qameta Software is an open-source-driven company building next-gen software testing solutions for DevOps teams.

Allure TestOps Server and Cloud enable IT teams, to reduce software time-to-market by 40% by providing native integrations, DevOps-friendly processes, and routine automation.

Allure Report is an open-source, flexible, lightweight, multi-language test report tool with more than 2 million active monthly users.

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