Allure TestOps Release Notes Review: 2021-08

Good news, everyone! It’s August, and there were several large releases since the previous post. Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements we brought for your testing automation success. Today, we’ll dive into two latest releases: 3.181.5 and 3.179.2. Please, update carefully and read the disclaimer part before jumping on new versions!

⚠️ Update Disclaimer


The minimum required PostgreSQL version is now 11, recommended one is 12.

The release will work on 10, but it is not thoroughly tested though. Support for lower PostgreSQL versions was dropped since 3.181. We highly recommend our customers upgrade to PostgreSQL 12, as PostgreSQL 11 support is planned to be dropped in January 2022.


We strongly advise upgrading your Allure TestOps instance only to the releases listed in this very release notes document.

Until further notice please update your docker-compose.yaml for RabbitMQ image as follows:

image: rabbitmq:3.8-management

instead of

image: rabbitmq:management

See in details here

Upgrading from a release older than 3.177.2, please, refer to the migration procedure for 3.177.2.

The migration procedure is described here.

19 August 2021 – Allure TestOps 3.181.5

🚀 New Features

  • Bulk move action for test cases added. Now, you can select several test cases and move them to another project in one click:
Spot the bulk move button
  • Copy launch function added. Sometimes a launch for some specific release contains a balanced and convenient for future releases set of test cases. The feature allows reusing the set without creating a new test plan. Finished launches may be copied too. It’s also planned to copy the name and environment data in the future, stay tuned!
Copy launch button highlighted
  • UI interface for license management added. Now you don’t need to leave the Allure TestOps interface and use CLI to change license settings. Licenses are from now on stored in a database. Check it out in Administration > License. The admin role is required.
  • Granularity for certain widgets added. Now users can view the data by day, week, or month.
  • TargetProcess as an issue tracker integration added.

🔬 Improvements

  • Backend gateway service errors processing improved. Now, the service will report proper status codes from the backend services.
  • Deleting filters added. A long-awaited feature has come, now project owners and admins have a button to delete unneccessary filters.
  • Launch PDF export improved. From now on, Launch PDF exports step details (step name and duration).
  • A bunch of UI elements redesigned for a better look and readability:
    • Widgets;
    • The test case history page;
    • The styles of the charts;
    • The pagination of lists;
    • Display of the images attached to the scenario’s steps (small images don’t scale to fit the width of a step).
  • The rendering of the All projects tab improved. from now on, you won’t see blinking You have no projects if you have at least one project.
  • XML schema for older versions of XCResults added. From now on, Allure TestOps won’t need any Internet access to process these.
  • Settings and processing of authentication and authorization attribute from LDAP when they are returned using different letters cases fixed. Now, the parameters are transformed to lower case, thus there will be no weird stuff with the permissions for the end-users.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Webhook processing is fixed thanks to JIRA users. Now the lifecycle of a defect is synced with the lifecycle of the issue in an issue tracker.
  • A missing scenario compare button fixed. Now it’s back and the automation will go on.
  • Merging of launches fixed. Now, the older test results will be overwritten by a newer test result and they will be sent to Retries.
  • Statistics for the projects list fixed. Now, only active test cases are displayed.
  • An error that caused all (including private) projects to be displayed to all users fixed. The projects were inaccessible, though. Now, users can see only the projects where they are explicitly added as team members.
  • The bug causing the most recent launch where a defect is found to be displayed incorrectly fixed (the first launch instead of the latest one was displayed).
  • The bug that caused erasing of the contents of the step on hotkeys events was fixed. Now things got back to normal.
  • Test results and jobs duplication for tests rerun fixed.

22 July 2021 – Allure TestOps 3.179.2

🔬 Improvements

  • Test results upload operation enhanced.
  • A new filter type for Launches was introduced. Now, you can filter out the launches based on Job relations.
  • UI filters look better now!
  • New tests filters for a Launch introduced. Now filters by ID, Name, Issue are available.
  • Test parameters examples added to test case CSV export.
  • Test results processing was dramatically improved.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI behavior when deleting a launch with an enabled filter fixed. Before the fix, the filter was reset. Now, the filter remains and filtering stays active.

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